Vision & Mission

Mennonite Brethren Development Organisation


To improve the health status and to facilitate need-based development activities that will enable the quality of life and lead self-sufficiency of the community.


MBDO wishes to build a society with Justice, Peace, harmony, health & education for all, democracy without any sort of discrimination, happy and healthy people enjoying. It also partner with other Organisation that are similar objective and having (wholistic) primary health care approach. MBDO also commits the service of humanity, brotherhood, non-violence, equality and simplicity

MBDO takes every opportunity to ensure the sustainability and longevity of its projects through collaborative efforts with government and strategic partners like MB Local Churches of India, MCSFI/MCC-India, CASA-Chennai and MB Mission North America.

The following key elements of the MBDO Model emphasize our commitment to effective, long-term improvements achieved through innovative problem solving.


 To create awareness as to health & hygiene, nutrition

  • To address the Calamities &Disasters.
  • To implement community based health care programs through primary health care approach.
  • To facilitate the development of comprehensive response to HIV & AIDS and T.B.
  • To develop, strengthen sustainable livelihood systems based on natural resources and its management through awareness, capacity building and training.
  • To strengthen farmers and women& adolescent groups, make them for collective action, motivating them on self-sufficiency and self-determination.
  • To provide non-formal education to women, school dropouts and other disadvantaged groups
  • To help women, children and other disadvantaged groups to identify their problem and seek solutions through their own group effort activities and co-operation
  • To eradicate darkness of poverty by providing education, health care, awareness about good living, physical exercise, nutrition, recreation and clothes.
  • To work for the alternative choices of livelihood system aiming sound and healthy living conditions of women and children.
  • To provide subsided medical treatment to poor villagers living in far micro interior villages, where no such facility is available.
  • To Sensitization of community towards the dignity of Women and Children