About Us


– committed for community Transformation.


Mennonite Brethren Development Organisation has been registered in 2nd June, 1982 of an outcome of long time concern of M.B. Conference of India to meet the needs of the poor and needy through wholistic approach, that coincided with the vision and concern of leaders of M.B Churches, who were deeply moved by the seeing the needs of disadvantaged, poor, tribal marginalized, oppressed and downtrodden people in India. MBDO is administrated by an Executive Director that is accountable to the MBDO Board, which in turn is put in place by the MBCI.

MBDO has been tirelessly rendering the services to the poor, needy and marginalized, irrespective of religion, caste, age and gender. In 2005-06 association with MCSFI/MCC implemented Restoration program for Tsunami affected People in three districts of Andhra Pradesh, India. In 2004-2006 non-formal literacy in 36 villages, 722 became literate out of 1200 enrolment. In 2007-2012 MBDO implemented Community Health & Development Programs like Child development programs, health education, Reproductive and Child health 25 villages in Utkur, 30 villages in Makthal and 17 villages in Veldanda Mandals. By the grace of God, Reduced IMR, MMR, Child Birth rate, morbidities and mortalities in target areas. MBDO continued involvement in Implementing, Educating, Facilitating and Motivating to develop the Poor, to take charge of their own lives.

MBDO Identity:

We work with the governments, communities, and other key partners to extend the health systems and improve the quality of services in effective and long term sustainable ways.

We create solutions that Build Local Capacity through participatory processes to improve leadership, work practices and environment, worker competencies, and community engagement;

Improve Logistics Management by streamlining planning and supply-chain systems and by supporting sound management through analytic solutions; Fill Critical Infrastructure Gaps by establishing and supporting social enterprises to meet needs in areas such as transport, agriculture , communication, and waste management;

Mobilize Communities to take greater ownership of public systems that exist to serve the community – generating a social atmosphere of higher expectations and greater accountability.

Our Values  

Innovation: We value agility and embrace thoughtful change. We continuously learn from experience, from our partners, and from the communities with which we work.

Relationships: We strive to be a collaborative and respectful partner so that the programs we develop are locally appropriate and sustainable.

Stewardship: We create an environment of trust and accountability. We make socially,   environmentally, economically and fiscally responsible decisions for sustainable change.

Present needs

To fulfill our mission and goals we are looking forward to establishing the Senior Citizen home, training center for educating the people for making awareness of their rights of the land, purpose of their lives, as they created in the image of God with various talents and to take charge of their own lives.


MBDO’s utmost effort to facilitate, educate and forge understanding among the underprivileged and uncared residents of the most neglected, undeveloped and far off bucolic areas :

  • Rights Education and Food security
  • Rights of Women and Children
  • Interfaith peace and harmony
  • Protecting the environment
  • Center for Health care Management and Research.